Steadfast Mercy
There are people working behind the scenes…

In a movie, we people tend to only appreciate the actors , we see how good their acting is and then we immediately think they’re the reason for the over all success of the film. But you might be missing out of the other many people who works behind the scenes… they’re as important as the actors you see on the screen.

Yesterday while i was scheduled to go work into the ship’s hold (kind of stock room for the books) i gained more appreciation for the people who work behind the scenes whether in a film , in the church or in whatever really. I was with three other people and we were carrying boxes of books that are really heavy and piling them up title by title and putting price tag on every single one of them. And if it weren’t for the guys who regularly work in the hold , the guys up on the book fair would have a really hard time, because every single people would come to them and ask how much a certain book costs, and when they place books on the shelves if it’s not organized from the hold it would be so hard to place those books on the shelves.

You get what i’m saying? Let’s take the film example again, if it weren’t for the camera men, if it weren’t for the costume designers, the script makers, the organizers, the directors ,the film wouldn’t be done. And that’s how it is in the body of Christ also.

The people who maintains the cleanliness of the church building is as important as the man who is playing the drums for worship. The people who supports the body in prayer is just important as the one who speaks in front of the congregation.

Each and every part is important, so don’t you ever think less of your self if you are not that exposed. It’s not about the exposure, it’s about the attitude of your heart, it’s about doing everything for God. You can be singing in front with the worship team but your heart is far away from God, while you can be doing the lyrics projection with all the desire to glorify God with the thing you do! God sees our heart, and we don’t need to be on the stage.

This is a very important reminder for every one out there. And if you ever know someone who is working behind the scenes, please come to them and tell them their work is very much appreciated!

God Bless you,