Steadfast Mercy
Keep your eyes fixed!

Satan is very good at deceiving people, and he is also super good in laying down obstacles to hinder you from running along the right path. He especially likes to attack those people who have just started on doing something good, people who just encountered God, and people who just decided to go through a process of change.

But i’m also hear to tell you that Jesus Christ is with you and if you will just let him, he will help you overcome every hindrance no matter how big or small satan lays before you. Because Jesus is victorious, and he defeats all these deception, believe me He is more than able!

So please, if you ever are just starting off a journey with Christ, or if you ever just decided to avoid something bad, or if you started forgiving and loving people just don’t give up, and don’t ever think that the road which you decided to leave was better off. For The path to righteousness and love is narrow, but the reward at the end is great. Look unto Jesus no matter how hard it gets, keep your eyes fixed on Him and on what He is. For He is powerful, He is mighty, He is majestic, and He is everything you will ever need to finish the race.

Why am i talking about this?

Because i sort of just witnessed someone who decided to give up all her heartaches and forgive those who’ve wronged her, and of course satan hated that. Satan caused her to be hurt from the same people again, and reminded her of every wrong thing they’ve done to her, and now she’s kinda depressed. Satan hates it when people gets healed emotionally or physically, and when people start to Forgive each other. Wanna know why? because it was said in the bible that :

For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins. (Matthew 6:15)

Satan doesn’t want us to forgive, because the forgiveness of your sins and of others is a head start to a journey filled with the love of Christ. That is why the bible always says to forgive first because it is very important:

leave your gift there before the altar and go. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift. (Matthew 5:24)

Fellow brothers & sisters, it is so hard to keep going if you will do it in your own strength, ask Jesus to be your strength for we are weak without him. The moment you start to choose the path that leads to life & love choose to focus on what He said, and focus on what is waiting for you in the end. Do not look behind and don’t ever give in to the thought that what you left is better and easier, cause right now you are going for the best ,so stay focused. 

In times of weakness God is your Strength, when satan hinders you Jesus will be with you to overcome it. 


-this is also a note to self. I am talking to you trisha. yes i, am.

Fall in love with Christ first before falling in love with someone else, then make sure you keep falling in Love with Christ! :)
None can compare

Yesterday everything sort of turned awfully wrong. I lost my phone, mum and i got into a little disagreement, i had this little argument with a friend, and i disappointed my parents. It was just horrible.

And today i woke up with high hopes only to be put down by another series of misunderstandings with my sister. And i was so discouraged by it. And so wrong things to wrong things to wrong things to sin. I feel so awful today knowing that God wasn’t please with whatever happened to me today. But i know that every time i stumble i need to keep pressing on. I just need to walk on no matter how weak i get, for if i stop pursuing Jesus i’d be a lost dark sheep.

A lot about me needs change. Regarding my relationship with others as well as with Christ. I need to become more faithful in following Him and in honoring Hom with whatever i do, or say, and even honor him while i’m at sleep. 

I know that the only way to a happy and joyful life is walking where Jesus wants you to walk, in saying what Jesus wants you to say, in obeying with whatever He asks you to do. And every time i stumble and fail, i look for the options the world lays before me , but they’re all for a short period of time. All temporary and fleeting. But Jesus offers me what is eternal and true. And no matter how hard the Journey is, no matter how wrong things can get sometimes, i know He makes all things work together for good. 

God wants me to learn a lot of things, He wants me delivered from my sins and He wants me to live a life in obedience and submission to His will. And it’s hard, i know how temptation creeps in , but the key to overcome temptation and burn outs is to see the end result just as Jesus did when He was crucified. He was in such pain no one could handle but He took it all because He saw the end result, He saw my life and your life. He saw your sins and my sins and He thought it was all worth it.

So right now. I am about to go and have a new beginning. Jesus is VICTORIOUS! Satan is defeated. None can compare to Jesus mighty power and love!

I need Jesus

I need Jesus everyday, every moment, every bit of my life. I need Him every where I go, I need Him to hold me and to lead me to the things He wants me to do. I need Him as much as you need him. And yes you need him too.

I am in awe of how mighty and how powerful He is. In awe of how much love He poured out and continues to pour out on us.

There are days that i grow weak, but to him i surrender my weakness and in Him i find strength. There are moments when i seem to lose all my hope but to him i look for hope and in him i find it.

Jesus is beautiful, He is soo soo beautiful.


I think one of the problems of this generation is “IMPATIENCE”. I mean we all got used to what is convenient , what is instant and quick. That’s good, getting things faster and easier, however some things that have been developed,done,or produced quick dont last long, they disappear just as quick as you got them.

So where am i going?

There are things in life where in if you just jump into it you might burn yourself. At first it feels right, & good, you feel accepted and love, but the end result is pain and regret. What am i talking about?

Im here to tell you that there’s beauty in waiting. Waiting not only for physical things but for things that will determine your future. There is beauty in waiting for God, for it is in waiting where we fully put our trust in Him, knowing he holds the past,the present and the future.

There is beauty in waiting for that purpose to unfold before your very eyes, for waiting when you feel deep inside your heart that God has something greater in store. I tell you to not settle for anything less than what God has for you, for He alone knows what is perfect whether it be about school, about a job, about family, about that future partner, or anything.

Its is in waiting that we are strengthened in faith and in hope. It is in waiting that we surrender and believe.

And at the end of it all, you get your prize, that special answer,favor,gift that you have waited for. And you appreciate it more because you know how you became patient only to get the best.

So to my fellows out there, i hope you dont rush into what most people will tell you to do, i hope you resist when you know God has the best for you. I hope you become strong as you wait for the answer, i hope you never let lose sight of God as you keep on being patient. I hope you develop a Christ-like character, i hope you’ll learn how to control. For there maybe things that are good but are not for you.

And as i say this, seek God for he alone knows what you should do. Wait for the perfect time, dont rush, enjoy your youth, and dont pressure yourselves by making yourselves look older in order to be accepted.



Psalm 8:9Inspired by iWORSHIP


Psalm 8:9
Inspired by iWORSHIP

No longer I who lives

Second night of CAMP:

There was a call, a call for surrender. Pastor Jim asked young people to rise up and go in front for prayer and surrender, and many of us without hesitation rose up and just surrendered something to God. I didn’t come up front and stayed in an attitude of prayer, i was talking to God, i was like ” GOD what else am i going to surrender? My laziness? that’s a small thing” and as i was talking to Him and asking for His presence to just flow, He spoke to me ” Trisha die, Jesus live" and it went on and i spoke the words " trisha die, Jesus live" and deep inside me right then i knew He was asking for my life, He was asking me for COMPLETE SURRENDER which i thought i have done before. And then i told Him, ” God I knew it, i gave you a part of me, and because of that i can’t experience the Fullness of your Glory, i let you reign over a part of my life, but i reign over the rest, but God i ask of you to empty me, empty me down to the last drop and fill me up with YOU until it overflows, im giving you my Life and its all i got to offer You, now i have nothing left, its all Yours now, i have nothing left. Im not gonna even take a small bit of my heart, everything is yours, my body is yours use it for your glory! My eyes, my ears, my mouth, my hand, my feet! ITS ALL YOURS!!” 

And then i continued to talk to Him and i started crying! I knew He was taking me! I knew it! But the feeling was wonderful! I never felt that joy before!


My old self has been crucified with Christ, it is no longer I who lives but Christ lives in me.

My dream came true, way more than i dreamt about. I  got more money, played bigger shows, i mean houses,cars, i tried drugs, i tried sex, i tried everything to try to get pleasure out of this life and i thought that i could fulfill my life with all the stuff , like having my dream came true, but it didn’t fulfill it. When Christ came in that feeling, He gives you the gift of understanding life, which is everything was created for Christ and by Him, and we’re created to be with Him. Its the most incredible feeling because you are where you belong and contentment is given to you in life, because you dont have to look anywhere else, because you are exactly where you needed to be, and the question about life is answered

I Am Second Brian ‘Head’ Welch - Ex-Guitarist of KORN