Steadfast Mercy

A lot of times i forget to be grateful for who You are. I’ve been looking for Joy and Satisfaction in so many things my Lord, so many worldly things that i forget that i have all that i need and want in You. You are my all in all, the true love of my life, my true passion and hope is You. 

Truth is we all wanted and needed someone to stay. Someone who’ll laugh with you, cry with you, sing with you and even just breathe with you. There are those nights when sadness and pain gets the upper hand and having someone by your side makes you hope that , indeed someday soon, sometime later it will be just alright.

And then so i think of you.

i think of all the people in the world who needs that someone.

And then so i think of everyone who suffers and decided to end it.

If only you and i would stay, someone might have hopes that someday soon, sometime later it will be just alright.

My hope is in You.

My hope is in You.

I need Jesus

I need Jesus everyday, every moment, every bit of my life. I need Him every where I go, I need Him to hold me and to lead me to the things He wants me to do. I need Him as much as you need him. And yes you need him too.

I am in awe of how mighty and how powerful He is. In awe of how much love He poured out and continues to pour out on us.

There are days that i grow weak, but to him i surrender my weakness and in Him i find strength. There are moments when i seem to lose all my hope but to him i look for hope and in him i find it.

Jesus is beautiful, He is soo soo beautiful.

He loves you.

He loves you.

Every hour and forty five

Every hour and forty-five minutes another young person commits suicide. (source:

It didn’t took him a while. At that particular moment it all felt worth it. It was worth dying than living for the sake of wasting time, living for the sake of life itself, and living for the sake of merely nothing at all. Before he would even let the sharp blade touch his delicate skin, he looked back and thought of something that can hold him back. Was there anyone who showed love just because he is worth loving? Was there anyone who clapped for him when he has reached one of the greatest achievements of his young life? Was there anyone who cared without asking for something in return?

He inhaled one more sweet breath, and he took one last look around him. He stared at the walls , at the floor, at the mirror and he saw nothing but a broken man who wanted nothing but love, but it seemed like life was just unfair to him, it felt like it was something he didn’t deserve.

One moment of silence and a life was cut short. Too early and too young.

The youth of this generation is the easy target of suicide. As emotional and sad songs become popular, as broken homes become usual, as relationships become unimportant, and as depression strikes humanity, suicide becomes the last hope for teenagers.

A couple of years ago it even became popular among teenagers, where in almost every one has tried cutting themselves, but some not to the intention of dying but just for the adrenaline rush of pain. It became famous when emotionalism was introduced into our culture, people who are depressed listen to the so called “emo” music and end up feeling more angry and despondent. And through this they feed their souls with the sadness thus resulting to extreme depression or the worst, suicide.  

But we must break the lie that many of this generation believed. Suicide is and never was the answer for brokenness and pain, sad songs is not going to make you feel better, and depression is not present among us without solution. Many young people are out there on the edge of taking their lives, and you could hold them back into life by showing genuine love and care. Many are waiting to feel that kind of love and sadly some has decided to leave the hopes of ever being loved, of ever being special and important.

I think many of us have underestimated what simple acts of pure love can do, love is capable of bringing life unto a hopeless soul. Love is capable to transform broken homes, to boost up self esteem, to lessen the burden, and to ease the pain. Suicide among the youth is still out there, its out there happening every hour and forty five minutes and you could prevent that. We all could.

Every hour and forty five minutes, someone is ready to let go and only true love which can be found in God can make them hold on again.

 Life is a gift from God and only Him must take it away.

Love came down and rescued me. Love came down and set me free. I am Yours. I am Yours. Mountain High, or Valley low, I sing out , remind my soul that i Yours , I AM YOURS.

Love came down by -Brian and Jenn Johnson

what makes you think?

So yesterday i was out the whole day, attended math sessions in the morning, watched movies with my friends, went to my friend’s party, and went to the seafront for my other friend’s picnic themed small party. And when i got home i have this heavy feeling, because i ate so much, but then i ate again at home, and once again ate a batch of cookies with milk. So that made up my day yesterday! plenty of food, and plenty of smiles.

For the past few weeks i’ve been so busy and im afraid that i am distracted with everything that the world throws out to me. And if you’ll notice its been long since i posted a ” text post" that is worth reading. And it makes me worry that , i haven’t been reflecting my thoughts, i haven’t been having my quiet time with Jesus, and being busy can make us weak, not only physically but spiritually. For the past few weeks, my thoughts about life has been shallow, and i focused about how teenagers like me feel, rather than how teenagers like me should feel. I’ve been viewing situations in my life in ” one sided view" instead of trying to see it in " bird’s eye view" . I filled my journal with " things to do, things to buy, things to do and alot of THINGS TO BUY" and sometimes planning too much for yourself makes you ignore the plans GOD has for you, which pretty much happened to me. 

I wanted so many things this holiday season, i wanted to do alot of things and i wanted to have so many things. And wanting so much for myself makes me selfish. The other night, i was so frustrated because i figured out that my budget wont allow me to buy those things i want, and i was so upset. And that made me think that, i planned too much and when it wont work out it disappointed me. Yes, i admit it ,i have concentrated on material things, things that wont go on forever. I thought about CLOTHES, clothes that wont fit when i reach 18years old, or perhaps seventeen ( because im eating a lot), i thought about my HAIR, how the salon would make it perfect this Christmas, i thought about SHOES, how it would be nice to have another pair of converse, and to sum all things up, i thought only about what i want for myself, i thought about MYSELF.

And now that im kinda alone, i realize how ” lost ” i looked in my GOD’s eyes,because i was so lost in the things of this world. i even missed a few church services because im so busy, and that makes me even weaker. So my friend, i realized my mistake, please learn from my mistake. This Christmas season , let us not focus on the things we could get for ourselves, but on the things we could give for others, and the love we could give GOD. But then, maybe you’re like me, maybe you went through this ” thinking all bout me ” stage. Well then its time to think about GOD, think about the night JESUS was born, and the hope of evryone was BORN.

i have to go.