Steadfast Mercy

You must live for me too- red jumpsuit apparatus ( cat and mouse)

this line in the song strikes me. Its like, many people say that they would die for the one they love, without realizing that they must live for them too. That if they really love someone they are ready to die as well as LIVE for that person. Well, just a random thought, its like i’ve been singing this all day long! :)

THIS BAND! too cool.:))

THIS BAND! too cool.:))


am i making myself believe or their official sites are making me believe that meg and dia are really following me here on tumblr!? wow. 

well, im a super fan of the band, im a super fan of the way they write their music, their just awesome, yet so humble and simple. 

AW if only i could see em. :)))

My undressed heart now an open door
timmy(meg and dia)