Steadfast Mercy
When Bands Break up

Or should i say when bands says “It’s over, we had a good time”. Let’s get this kaleidoscope of emotions out once and for all.

My Chemical Romance has finally come to the end of their musical journey and i am not their biggest fan but i did love a couple of their songs. It was MCR that introduced me to this brand of music that seemed alien to me back in 2005, i was you know the typical young lady who knew nothing but cute disney songs, y’know what i mean? But yeah the transformation happened, when my brother would always play loud hardcore rock music or  alternative rock. And i hated it with so much passion, i would fight my brother and ask him to go put on some ear phones. But as the days went by he played "Helena" and it sounded so freakin beautiful to me. Not only did it sound beautiful but i figured out that there was this story behind that song, and from then on no matter how hardcore or whatever a music is i figured out that a song has a story, it must have a story behind it, if it does not then it’s not worth listening to. 

Surprisingly i fell in love with the stories of the rock genre. it was all too wonderful, most tragic but some are just simply life stories. So from then on i dropped disney and went ahead for rock n roll.

so yeah, that was what MCR did to me, so when i heard that they called it quits i couldn’t help but feel a lil sad. The only good thing about this was they were all united in this farewell, and felt like their band has reached it’s point where it’s gone to where it wanted to go and now it has to be over. Kinda like underoath.

For the past year we’ve seen a lot of bands break up and we as music lovers mourn over it and sure gonna miss waiting for some new material. But as they said ” great things has to come to an end” we can’t help it, it’s inevitable which led me to thinking… what if someday PARAMORE says it’s over too???

Ladies and gents im a huge Fan or paramore and i had the privilege of watching them play live last month which was one of the best nights of my life!!! And i just can foresee the grief it would cause me and the entire fan base when they say ” Y’all we had a great time, thanks for the love and support for all those years.” I don’t think i’ll be able to handle that.

But you know it will definitely happen someday, of course they had to go have their own family, and what with a female vocalist. I mean women get pregnant and they sometimes want to give more attention to their kids, kinda like Lacey from Flyleaf.

Oh well, i just have one wish, please no more band break ups this year. The future generations needs a lot of music!

Yeshua - United Pursuit Band

Praise the One who has saved me from death.
He is God, He is Good, He is Jesus. 


am i making myself believe or their official sites are making me believe that meg and dia are really following me here on tumblr!? wow. 

well, im a super fan of the band, im a super fan of the way they write their music, their just awesome, yet so humble and simple. 

AW if only i could see em. :)))

meg an dia - halloween