Steadfast Mercy
What happens next?

That’s the question i can’t answer.

For almost a month, my days has been very exciting, productive, happy, and everything else. I’ve had a lot of learning to do, and i’m on my way to keeping the things i learned in my heart. I got two more days with Logos Hope, and the mere thought of leaving the ship after my last day of service breaks my heart. Through this i was able to meet some more of my family, my brothers and sisters through Christ Jesus. They had different eyes, hair color, complexion, height, & language but still we have one Father!

And so i wonder where God will bring me next? I’ve been thinking about school and June is fast approaching, and i’m trying to list all the possibilities and make a good decision. But i know i can’t do that yet. Something is stirring up in my heart, and iĀ  can’t just ignore it.

I’m seeking God, i am placing my future in His hands. He can do whatever he wants with it. I’m definitely up for it. I know it wouldn’t always be easy, but i’ll draw my strength always from the father. I’m gonna trust Him, and let Him mold me and shape me.

Whoever is reading this, kindly pray for me and as well for all the others out there who needs clarity and wisdom from God regarding matters about school and careers.

May God’s blessings Be upon You my dear friends!
all my love,