Steadfast Mercy
Dearest Friend

You don’t have to say such things. You don’t have to sound cool for anyone to love you. Well for me, i love you even without all the cool stuff you put up for yourself. I love you the way you are, simple, happy, wise and caring. That’s who you are to me.

But i guess you already know that i love you so you seek other people’s acceptance, you seek the affection of this society, and so you indulge yourself with the pressure but you end up being not yourself. You don’t have to say you do this and do that when you really don’t, you don’t have to pretend you watch this and listen to that when in fact it disgusts you, you don’t have to make all the girls like you or love you, and you don’t have to sin just because when you do the world approves of you.

I believe in the goodness of your heart. I believe in your dreams of a healthy and successful life. A life lived surrounded by the people you really love, and a life lived in constant challenge and victories. 

You are young and you can do anything. You have the talent in your hands, in your heart and in your mind. You have the ideas that can affect everyone in a good way. You are beautiful, you are strong and you will always be until the end of days.

Please do not make it hard for yourself, please avoid these vices, for you might end up in your death bed at such an early age. For you might end up destroying the relationship you have with you future spouse and your children. Please set yourself free from all your insecurities, and know that God loves you and only he can satisfy you. Please listen and take this into your heart until there is time for you. 

Go and look within yourself and see that there is goodness lying underneath the layers of all the lies, and all the wickedness , that you thought was really you. You are good, you are kind and wonderful.

When you are seconds away from your last breath you’d probably wanna die being who you really are and you probably wanna know where you are gonna go.

With much love,