Steadfast Mercy
what/whom shall we fear?

Today was my first shot at getting a job. Although I wasn’t able to get one today, I’ll keep on trying. It was a good experience for me. I felt so grown up when I went to the city hall and checked job openings and all other paper work stuff.

But as I stood there together with several other older people looking for work, I got afraid of the future. The qualifications for such simple jobs are high and I was hoping I could find one who does not require me to be a college graduate for now. And also at the age of 17, it is extremely harder for me to land a job. I got discouraged and started thinking of brushing off the desire to work. The future frightened me, I was afraid i’ll end up with no success someday. But God reminded me of His goodness & power, and as long as I stay in Him and He stay in me, what shall I fear? Nothing.

And tonight as I had my personal devotion, I worshipped him with the song “Whom shall I fear?” and the song spoke to me. I was reminded of God’s incredible power and goodness!

When all You are is glorious Oh God, Victorious & Strong , whom shall I fear?

When all You are is powerful & true, and good in all You do, whom shall I fear?

We have all the reasons to be fearful of anyone & anything if we do not have God in our lives. But the thing is we have Him , and He is our God. His spirit lives in us, and He strengthens us, He equips us to be victorious!!  So instead of giving up, I’ll be back tomorrow again to look for a job and I hope to find one so I can save up for my college education & buy my own long board.

So yeah, i would be happy if you can include me in your prayers my dear friends. And if you ever have any prayer request pls feel free to tell me. I would love to intercede for  you.