Steadfast Mercy
When Bands Break up

Or should i say when bands says “It’s over, we had a good time”. Let’s get this kaleidoscope of emotions out once and for all.

My Chemical Romance has finally come to the end of their musical journey and i am not their biggest fan but i did love a couple of their songs. It was MCR that introduced me to this brand of music that seemed alien to me back in 2005, i was you know the typical young lady who knew nothing but cute disney songs, y’know what i mean? But yeah the transformation happened, when my brother would always play loud hardcore rock music or  alternative rock. And i hated it with so much passion, i would fight my brother and ask him to go put on some ear phones. But as the days went by he played "Helena" and it sounded so freakin beautiful to me. Not only did it sound beautiful but i figured out that there was this story behind that song, and from then on no matter how hardcore or whatever a music is i figured out that a song has a story, it must have a story behind it, if it does not then it’s not worth listening to. 

Surprisingly i fell in love with the stories of the rock genre. it was all too wonderful, most tragic but some are just simply life stories. So from then on i dropped disney and went ahead for rock n roll.

so yeah, that was what MCR did to me, so when i heard that they called it quits i couldn’t help but feel a lil sad. The only good thing about this was they were all united in this farewell, and felt like their band has reached it’s point where it’s gone to where it wanted to go and now it has to be over. Kinda like underoath.

For the past year we’ve seen a lot of bands break up and we as music lovers mourn over it and sure gonna miss waiting for some new material. But as they said ” great things has to come to an end” we can’t help it, it’s inevitable which led me to thinking… what if someday PARAMORE says it’s over too???

Ladies and gents im a huge Fan or paramore and i had the privilege of watching them play live last month which was one of the best nights of my life!!! And i just can foresee the grief it would cause me and the entire fan base when they say ” Y’all we had a great time, thanks for the love and support for all those years.” I don’t think i’ll be able to handle that.

But you know it will definitely happen someday, of course they had to go have their own family, and what with a female vocalist. I mean women get pregnant and they sometimes want to give more attention to their kids, kinda like Lacey from Flyleaf.

Oh well, i just have one wish, please no more band break ups this year. The future generations needs a lot of music!

Wake Up
By: All Sons and Daughters

We have seen the pain that shaped our hearts
And in our shame we’re still breathing
Cause we have seen the hope
Of Your healing
Rising from our souls
Is the feeling
We are drawing close
Your light is shining through

So wake up
Wake up, wake up
All you sleepers
Stand up
Stand up, stand up
All you dreamers
Hands up
Hands up, hands up
All believers
Take up your cross
And carry it on

All that You reveal with light in us
Will come to life and start breathing
Cause we have seen the hope
Of Your healing
Rising from our souls
Is the feeling
We are drawing close
Your light is shining through

So wake up
Wake up, wake up
All you sleepers
Stand up
Stand up, stand up
All you dreamers
Hands up
Hands up, hands up
All belivers
Take up your cross
And carry it on

Here we stand our hearts are Yours
Not our will but Yours be done (x4)

Random thought on Covers & Brave Artists

It’s sad that original music & lyrics are now harder to find, i’ve gotta say that it makes the reward sweeter, but where are the artists who isn’t afraid to sing/play their own songs for the world to hear?

Although there are still many bands, musicians, artists who are well known to their original music, we cannot hide the fact that we are now living in the “Cover” era. I guess if it weren’t for youtube we would not be living in this era. I’ve read in one written interview about these artist who decided not to produce their own music, because the label told them that it would be harder to them to reach the famous status. Then so the duo settled for an album full of Cover songs. Sad isn’t? 

It’s true that it’s safer to produce songs that have been heard before, because people will be able to pick it up fast. But hey, a true artist should never be afraid! After all if music is really your passion you shouldn’t go after fame, just do what you love and sing what you own. 

I have nothing against the likes of Christina Grimmie, Boyce Avenue, Maddi jane , and all the other youtube sensation & artists who are now well known for the songs they covered. In fact these artist are now putting up original songs, but they can’t quite get out of doing covers because fans have known them for it, and they always are looking for it.

Maybe people really don’t mind at all anyway, and maybe there are a few like me who cares, and whose opinion doesn’t matter. 

Nothing is wrong with covering a song, it’s just that i think it would be better if we could hear these beautiful voices singing the songs they have crafted with their hearts. Nothing beats the passion that comes out of an artist who sings and plays the songs she/he has written for days,or a song written over a cup of coffee.

I would love to hear more and see more artists rise to fame with their original compositions. 

But see here, you’ll find more passionate & dedicated artists in the indie field. Look them up on google now, the music is worth it!

Beautiful Disaster by Jon Mclaughlin

And every magazine tells her she’s not good enough
The pictures that she sees makes her cry

She would change everything, everything, just ask her
Caught in the in between of beautiful disaster
She just needs someone to take her home

She’s just the way she is
But no one’s told her that’s OK

- I remember always listening to this song back in HIgh school whenever i had days when everyone seemed to have conspired against me telling me about how unattractive i am. And they don’t even how huge that affected me. How every single night i wonder why i had to be so ugly. But then i found my beauty in Christ, and He told me that i’m just as beautiful as He created me to be! :)) This song is absolutely beautiful.

Out of tune?

God is really speaking to me! I am having such a wonderful journey with the Lord.

Well last night, was kind of funny and really embarrassing. So i lead the youth in praise and worship last night. But i was kind of uneasy with our first song, i can’t seem to remember how to sing it, because we were playing a different key while what was playing on my head was the original key of the song Salvation is here by hillsong united. So when i got on stage i approached our guitarist and asked him if he could help me figure out how to sing the song, and so he was silently playing it and i was trying to sing it,and even he couldn’t seem to sing it right, but we didn’t have much time to figure it out because our youth leader passed it on to us already. It was time to start the praise and worship and our guitarist and i were some sort of laughing and nervous because i know we will somehow messed up. And so i started speaking and asked how everyone was doing, and asked if they’re ready to worship. And so the band started playing, and when i sang the first line i was completely out of tune! That was my first time! And i can’t quite get back to singing it right! And so our band leader approached the Mic nearest him and started backing me up with vocals, but i can’t really quite get it, so in my mind i was like ” Oh God why now? It was so perfect when we were practicing.” and i heard him say ” Just go on." And so i was really struggling, my sister was looking at me and she was like " Trish?!?!?" It was so embarrassing, and finally i sang it right when it came to the chorus! It was such a relief but when the verse hit again, i sang it off again! But what was running through my mind that time " Oh God whatever i do, you must always receive worship" So out tune as i was, i lifted my hands and started getting all hyper in worshiping God. And then the chorus hit again and i’m back in perfect tune until the bridge past and the song ended.

That was one embarrassing experience right? Actually that song is haunting me now, i can’t seem to get it out of my head and how i wished i was able to sing it right. So that was the reason why i can’t get the youth worship service since last Sunday? For the past days i’ve been thinking about it without knowing why.

And some people, most especially the ones that are really not musically inclined didn’t notice the mistake. And some people came up to me , especially the leaders, telling me that they did notice that, but it was good that i kept going and it all turned out that they had an amazing time in worshiping the Lord. They said that it was alright to make that mistake for previous worship leaders have gone through that before and  i wasn’t as bad for someone who has only lead for four times. And the anointing of God was there, and they saw how i passionately worshiped God.

So, as i went home to type a record of my day God started impressing in my heart that there was something more to that incident. He told me that “In every thing you do for me , JUST DON’T STOP.” and he also told me that ” No matter what happens to you , you MUST worship Me" and i was like " You’re right God, so i really have to go through such embarrassing situation just so i could learn that? and He said ” Well, yes

So in our spiritual life, whether you sing , dance, serve or everything else for the Lord you do not stop. You do not stop seeking Him, you do not stop holding on to Him, you do not stop worshiping him just because you don’t have the voice anymore, and most of all you do not stop loving Him just because you are weary and going through some tough times.

God is Glorious, nothing you do or not do can take away Glory from God. So even though i sang out off tune last night, while i was there up on stage i was looking to Him , i was listening and he was speaking.

Sure it was just a horrible thing to happen, but at least i learned from that. 



Dia Frampton - The Broken Ones (by DiaFramptonVEVO)

I can’t help it I love the broken ones, the ones who need most patching up.
The ones who’ve never been loved
No you’re not alone, I love the broken ones.

This song is so good.

Well there is this side of me that really loves Paramore. I mean , at first i was kinda hesitant to listen to them because i thought hayley was just some kind of avril but no she wasn’t, and josh ,taylor,jeremy, & zac are all super talented. I dont ever remember a time when i didn’t ever see them as a BAND, as most people only see Hayley. And this video of all i wanted made me miss the whole Five of them. I mean, when i got the knews that zac and josh left it really did make me sad, but i saw how taylor,hayley, and jerms became stronger and that made me think, well its better that way. But i just couldn’t help but miss seeing them on stage complete. The whole five of them, because they all equally inspire fans around the globe, and they write songs with alot of sense. But wherever they are now, i know its better.

I can only imagine

Hey guys have you heard bout the song ” I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me" . yeah its not really a new song but then i’d like to share my thoughts about that song. I remember when i first heard it back in 2007, it didn’t really mean anything to me i was like " oh just another good Christian song”. I never searched about that song and didn’t like it that much. But then last week i heard it once again and then i understood the song. Finally i was able to listen to that song and realized what it meant. It pretty much talks about what he’ll do if he’s gonna meet the Lord face to face. Here’s the lyrics to the chorus:

Surrounded by Your glory, what will my heart feel 

Will I dance for you Jesus or in awe of you be still ?

Will I stand in your presence or to my knees will I fall ?

Will I sing hallelujah, will I be able to speak at all ?

And that made me think , like ” Yeah what am i gonna do when i am before JESUS?” , and i imagine myself mouth opened - hands shaking-knees trembling- and eyes crying. That would be just the best moment everrrr!! The moment when i’ll be able to see Jesus, the moment i’ll see my Savior in all His Glory and Splendor, i’ll be able to see the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!! THAT’S JUST WOW!! WOW!! AND WOW!! oh dear im excited.

So what can you imagine now?

10 plays

misguided ghosts by paramore.

goofyfied cover.:D 

simply the best live version!

let the flames begin by paramore!

40 plays

original composition by my brother. recorded on his mobile phone. enjoy! :) happy valentines! 

this is a very good acoustic version, im impressed as always.


new perspective by Panic at the DISCOOO!

this is a song that i composed a few months ago, its entitled ” in your light” its all about how i just want to pour out my life in worship to my GOD. :)

im not a good singer but then i recorded this because this song is so special for me, and the the guitar sucks, im not a good musician too. bare with this. but i hope you enjoy :D buahaha


Life without GOD is…

Listening to bad music, sleeping with a frown on your face, giving up easily on every challenge, getting bored almost all the time, finding no reason to smile, feeling hungry everytime, running dry, being lost, watching non sense movies, pretending to be okay, feeling just normal,finding reasons to hate life, being depressed, telling lies and hearing them,so LIFE WITHOUT GOD IS A MESS.


Listening to happy and good music, sleeping with a happy face, getting back up once you fall down, being excited almost everytime, finding reasons to smile, wanting more of Him, running towards a goal, finding your place, watching touching and happy movies, feeling alright, feeling special, finding no reasons to hate life, being happy, hearing lies but not listening to them, speaking truth and so LIFE WITH GOD IS LOVE


My mom always told me to do what i love to do, and choose a career that i’d love for the rest of my life. Mom i wish that was easy.

I figured out a long time a go that my passion is for music, film, entertainment, photos, writing and everything that is creative and artistic. My passion is where i can put my misbehaved imagination into, my imagination could get wild and i’d be insane if i don’t let it out. Do you get me? Its very important for me to write everything i feel, everything that i am going through and just put out my random thoughts. And if i go for passion sure it would be fun, doing what you love, going out there sing your lungs out, write a book, write songs, capture a moment and at the end of the day you realize: can life get any better than this?

I remember i started writing songs when i was 10 or younger, and when i look back to the songs i wrote my mind goes like ” oh too childish” “what i was emo?” “redundancy”, “overused the word alone and love” but though it doesn’t sound good and pleasing as i thought when i wrote this before, i am happy. I am happy because at my early age i knew how to let out every piece of what i was feeling, and for a moment i didn’t have to lie to myself or deny what i felt because when i write song i make sure that i am being honest. So my passion goes out for music, but i couldn’t go for it,because im not that really good of a singer or a musician, and it would be really hard to make money out of it. And many people like me, couldn’t go for what they love because its not practical, and i know i may sound like my passion is not that enough because i look onto how much money i could make. Its just that the world is changing, every time you think of your passion you begin to think of the risks you’re gonna take. Ans kudos to those people who went out and did what they love to do and keep on doing so. I hope someday soon i’ll be able to find that strength, the strength to put away the inhibitions and all these money issue. And that day could be one of the best days of my life. 

Yesterday we watched Ella enchanted. See here, she was with a curse of obedience, she does what everybody tells her to do, and sometimes because of the curse she is forced to do things she didn’t wan to do. Then she said a line like: No one knows how hard it is to do something that you are forced into, take it from me.(not exactly the right words, just the thought) Right then i realized, how about me? am i the one who’s gonna force myself to do other things rather than what i really love and wanted? 

That left me hanging overnight, that’s why i posted this. One more thing, i hope everyone of us we’ll find the strength to just do what we want and not be slaves of what the world or others want us to do.